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Devotional Books
The following books are a good supplement, but never a substitute for your own personal study of the Bible.

Steps to Christ -- This small book is designed to help know Christ.
The Santified Life -- This small book helps us understand about the importance of spiritual growth, comparing the genuine elements of santification with the popular but unsound theories on the topic.
The Desire of Ages -- A most popular book on the life and ministry of Jesus. Each chapter of the book pairs up with chapters from the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John).

The Great Controversy -- A book on the history and future of the Christian church. This volume helps us understand the controversy between good and evil, Christ and Satan, throughout time.
Patriarchs And Prophets -- A book that focuses on the first several books of the Bible, from the time of Adam to David.
Prophets And Kings -- A book that focuses on the time when prophets and kings were guiding God's people, from Solomon to Isaiah.
Acts of the Apostles -- This book traces the life and death of Jesus apostles and the growth and development of the early Christian church.
The Ministry of Healing -- A book to help us understand principles of healthful living.
Christ's Object Lessons -- This volume expounds upon the teachings of Jesus through parables, sharing how each story of common day-to-day experiences are rich with practical spiritual applications, helping us all understand truth and God's love.